The Joys of selling your own home

I’ve decided to document my actual experiences of selling my house. Everything from what you really get & pay with services, what kind of people I get, the BS from agents etc…

The middlemen leaches at the real estate boards would have you believe that they are there to protect & serve. I love their commercials where an agent could have prevented the metal concert in the back yard of a house, or the house with the sentient security system, such bullshit.
I want them to show me one real case of this or anything even close. They try to scare people into believing that they are going to protect you.
When all they really want is a commission.


Grapevine was the first one I tried. It was a flat upfront fee of $99 to get listed. After you sign up they then tell you that you must agree to deal & pay commission to agents if you want to be on the MLS/Realtor system.
So in actual fact you are paying more than just dealing with the regular agent. You do all the listing work, photos description etc, and they provided a very poor website.
In addition to that its a time limited service, in other words they have no faith in their service.

What did I get from Grapevine?

  • Calls from other agents desperate to get you to list with them – this is a breach of their ethics, ya they have ethics … had an agent pose as a buyer until they viewed the property then gave me the pitch.
  • Calls & other spam from every real estate adjacent service like moving companies, box sellers, other agents (again) , TV, contractors …
  • Nothing, not a single actual interested party.

Purple Bricks / Comfree

Purple Bricks (Comfree when I used it) was way more expensive for a similar service. They send and ex-agent to your house who then offers up-sells like a lawyer on retainer (over 1k) or to have the agent to do negotiations, “if I don’t want to“, for another 1k+. So up front they want about $3000. That’s just to be on their site.
Again if you want to be listed it on MLS then you’ll also have to pay agent commission for their Vanna White effort of 30 minutes or so.
Purple Bricks cost’s a lot more up front, is time limited and you have to pay agent commission. They are pulling off a shell game.

What did I get from Purple Bricks?

  • Even more calls from other agents desperate to get you to list with them. All offering the “we can get you more equity” line. When asked if they would guarantee they balk.
  • Calls & other spam from every real estate adjacent service like moving companies, box sellers, TV, contractors …
  • A tire kicker & other agents.
  • Thankfully I didn’t pay any of the up-sell fee’s ’cause it was garbage.

For Sale By Owner (current)

I’m currently using, its a flat fee of less than $500 & stays up until sold. So this is a good deal & they stand behind the service. Again you fill all the paperwork out & upload the images to get submitted to MLS but its not hard if you take your time. Once I was done I realized what a simple job it is & the the whole pitch that agents give is a huge snow job.
For Sale by Owner is the way to go, you can control your showing & not feel that you are under the gun to sell in the allotted time period.

  • I still get the odd call from an agent who wants me to list with them, these douche bags every 4 months.
  • Agents who bringing clients who cant afford the house.
  • Agents who are hitting as many houses as possible.
  • Agents who ask what is my commission first, and I never hear from them again.
  • Private buyers who can’t afford the house but hope for a massive discount.
  • A ghetto broker who brought clients & used my house like a truck stop.
  • These idiots who 1 agent pulled a door off the hinges, another outright lying about the property.
  • These people just waste my time.


I’m on the MLS & have been showing, I still get agents calling wanting me to list with them, but the biggest eye opener is how lazy agents are.

  • They show up with a print out, walk around & want a fat commission for it.
  • They are so uneducated on the house, neighborhood & area of town.
  • I get text messages looking to show up in an hour & show – I ignore these.
  • I get a phone call & the first question is what’s the commission, these ones are put off & ignore.
  • Had one agent who called, I did not reply or book, but she showed up anyways saying she had booked & even had a door code – she did not. Clueless.
  • There are a couple brokerage’s that I will not deal with anymore, they have brought a number of people out who are in no way even interested in the area let alone the house.